Couponing 101 - Coupons

******Save ALL coupons. I can't stress that enough. Yea, you may not use a product, but you never know when that will become a "money maker". Honestly, can you say you will NEVER buy a product if a store pays you to walk out with it? If you can, by all means, toss away.


What do you do with all the expired coupons? Oversea military can use them up to 6 months past the expiration dates.

Go to opcnet for a list of bases that wish to receive expired coupons.


Where to find:

  • Newspaper
    For a preview of the inserts coming up go Here.   

  • Magazines
    All You is in my opinion, the best magazine to get coupons from. Note, when you subscribe to All You Magazine, you may get different coupons than if you purchase the magazine off the shelf.

    Keep your eyes peeled for coupons in others. There's some high dollar ones to be found.

  • Mail
    Sign up for mailing lists and companies will send you coupons in the mail.

  • Printable    
    Coupons you can print from the Internet, Smartsource, and Redplum are the most common.

  • Blinkie
    Found in stores. Little red machine that "spits" coupons at you.

  • Tearpads
    Found in stores, paper coupon display, you can "tear off"

  • Peelies
Found on products.


Read the fine print on coupons. Many people (especially cashiers when you are checking out!) make the mistake of thinking that you can only use the coupon on the item pictured. This is not the case. You go by the wording on the coupon.

"Limit one coupon per purchase"

Limit one coupon per item purchased. So if you buy three packs of diapers, you may use three of the coupons, one coupon for each pack.
"Limit one coupon per transaction"

Only one coupon may be used in a transaction. So if you wanted to purchase those three packs of diapers, you would have to have the cashier split it up into multiple transactions or use them another day.



  • Blinkies – Dispenses in store. Little red machine that spits out coupons.
  • B1G1 or BOGO – Buy one get one free
  • CAT or Catalina – Coupon the prints off at the register
  • Double Coupon – When a store doubles your coupon. A .75 coupon double is 1.50
  • ECB – Extra Care Bucks. CVS program
  • IP – Internet Printable
  • MIR – Mail In Rebate
  • OAS – Coupon good on any size
  • OOP – Out of pocket
  • OYNO – On your next order
  • P&G – Proctor & Gamble
  • POP – Proof of purchase
  • RC- Rain check
  • RP- Redplum
  • RR- Register Rewards
  • SCR – Rite Aid Single Check Rebates
  • SS – Smart Source
  • Stacking – Using a store coupon and a manufacture coupon on the same item
  • TMF – Try me free
  • UP – Rite Aid UP Rewards
  • WYB – When You Buy
  • YMMV- Your Mileage May Vary – May vary from store to store.

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