Couponing 101 – Rain checks

A Rain check is basically a store's promise to you that you will get the sale price at a later date if the store is out of the item.

  • Example – Giant Eagle has cases of soda for $3.00 and you go to buy some and they are out, you can then ask for a rain check for the sodas. You can then go to Giant Eagle any time after that (until the rain check expires) and buy the cases of soda for $3.00.

It's helpful to keep a copy of the ad with the rain check or at least cut out the sale price of the item, just in case you run into issues.

Always get rain checks if you notice a good deal and the store is out, even if you were not planning on buying the item. You never know what coupons will come out to make the product cheap or free. This is quite helpful at stores where the rain checks never expire.

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