CVS 101

Print the coupon policy and take it with you. You have to email the corporate office to request a copy of the coupon policy.

Sign up for an Extra Care card at the store and always keep it with you.

There's usually a machine at the front of the store. It price checks items and if you scan your Extra Care card, prints out store coupons. Get in the habit of scanning your card each time you go into the store.

CVS rewards programs consists of their Extra Bucks or ECBs. Out of all the stores I shop at, I believe this program to be the easiest to use. In addition to their weekly ECBs, you also earn 2% back each quarter. You don't have to do anything to keep track of this. After the quarter is up, you will receive your quarterly ECBs next time you use your card.

You can use manufactures and store coupons.


In the ad you may see something like this:

Schick Hydro Razor –    $ 8.97

Extra Bucks    -        $4.00

It's like getting it for -    $4.97


I went in and did this deal and had a $5.00 coupon and a coupon for free shave gel wyb (When You Buy) the razor, so mine looked like this:

Schick Hydro Razor –    $ 8.97  

Schick Saving Gel -        $3.99

Coupon -            $3.99

Coupon -            $5.00

OOP -             $3.97

Extra Bucks     -        $4.00

So CVS pretty much paid me $.03 to buy the Razor and Shaving Gel.

There was a limit of one per card on this deal so I could only do it once.

Extra Bucks expire a few weeks after you get them.

The trick is to "roll" your ECBs from week to week.

The following week Herbal Essences Shampoo is B1G1 (Buy one get one free) and Crest toothpaste is $2.00 with $2.00 ECBs with a limit of two per card. My deal would look like this if I had two $1.00 of Herbal Essences Coupons and two $1.00 off Crest coupons:

Four Herbal Essences Shampoo –    $4.00

Two Crest Toothpaste -            $4.00

Two Coupons for Herbal Essences -    ($2.00)

Two Crest Coupons -                ($2.00)

Total -                     $4.00

Use ECBs from previous week         ($4.00)

OOP                        $0.00

Extra Bucks     -                $4.00


*You CAN use a B1G1 coupon on a B1G1 sale, making both items free.


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