Walgreens 101

Print the store policy and take it with you.

Walgreen's offers "Register Rewards" or "RRs" on sale items. These are basically "Walgreen's Money".

A lot of times you will see in the ad a sale like this:

St. Ives Body Wash –     $2.99

Register Rewards -     $2.00

Like Paying -         $.99  


That's a pretty good deal itself if you like St. Ives Body Wash. But, if you had the $1.00 printable coupon for St. Ives Body Wash, your deal would look like this:

St. Ives Body Wash –     $2.99

Coupon     -        $1.00

OOP -            $1.99

Register Rewards -     $2.00

Like Paying -         - $.01

Makes it a $.01 money maker!


Most of time, Walgreens will limit you to one like deal per transaction. So, if you wanted two bottles of body wash, you would do them in two separate transactions. Also, you can't use the RR you got from the first transaction to pay for the second if you are buying the same thing. You could use it to pay for something else though. Walgreens will only let you use the same number of coupons as you have items. Many times you wouldn't think you would have more coupons than items, but it's quite possible if you have a manufactures coupon and a store coupon. Walgreens counts RRs as coupons too. Make sure to have a "filler"item. Some people do this differently. Some will grab the cheapest filler possible. I prefer to buy something I would use, even if I am paying a little bit more for it. I would rather buy a soda for the road than to buy another notebook! It sounds more complicated than it is.


Transaction One

St. Ives Body Wash –     $2.99

Coupon     -        $1.00

OOP -            $1.99

Register Rewards -     $2.00

You only used one coupon

Transaction Two

Clearance Pencil -        $.10

Wisk Laundry Detergent -     $6.99

Manufacures Coupon -         $3.00

Walgreen's Coupon -         $1.00

Total-                $3.09

Use $2.00 RR from St. Ives -    $ 1.09

Receive back $2 RR from Wisk

You used three coupons, the Manufactures Coupon, the Walgreen's Coupon, and the RR.

So for both transactions you paid $3.08 OOP and still have a $2.00 RR to use on your next purchase. $1.08 for laundry detergent, a pencil, and body wash is a pretty good deal!

It takes some practice to get the hang of the Register Reward program at Walgreens. Don't get discouraged, it's really easy once you learn it!

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