Target 101

Make sure to print a copy of the Target Coupon Policy and take it with you to the store. Target is notorious to making up their own coupon rules.

When looking for clearance items (which you can use coupons on!) look around the ends of the aisles for "endcap" displays.

Target accepts manufactures coupons and Target coupons. You can get the Target coupons from their website. You may "stack" these coupons and use them together. Also, Target now has "mobile" coupons.


Target frequently has gift card promotions. There was one recently where you got a $5.00 Target Gift Card when you purchased two Gillette Fusion Razors. Let's say they were priced at $8.00 a razor. If you had a manufactures coupon and a Target coupon, you could really score with this deal.

    Buy two razors at $8.00 = $16.00

    Use two $4.00 off Gillette razor coupons = Brings total to $12.00

    Use two Target $2.00 off Gillette razor coupons = Brings total to $8.00

    You would pay $8.00 OOP (Out of pocket) and Receive a $5.00 Gift card back, making your total for two razors just $3.00!

You could then "roll" that gift card and purchase more razors if you wanted to.


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